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Mat, Cutting - Double-Sided Self-Healing - Grey - RMMG-Grey

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  • Double-sided
  • Self-healing
  • Triple Layer heat welded design
  • Helps to extend the life of your rotary blades
  • The OLFA RM-MG-01/GRY 24" x 36" Gray Double-Sided Rotary Mat is a versatile and durable cutting mat designed to deliver clean and precise cuts.
  • The mat measures 24" x 36" and has a thickness of 1.5mm. This large size provides ample workspace for various craft projects.

The mat is double-sided, offering versatility in its use. One side features a solid gray color, which is suitable for general crafting purposes. The other side has grid lines marked in inches, allowing for detailed cutting.

The self-healing feature of the mat ensures that the surface cuts automatically reseal, providing a continually smooth cutting surface. This feature enhances the mat's durability and extends its longevity.

The OLFA RM-MG-01/GRY mat is built to withstand the demands of daily use in the most demanding craft projects. Its 1.5mm thickness provides stability and durability for a wide range of crafting applications.

The OLFA RM-MG-01/GRY 24" x 36" Gray Double-Sided Rotary Mat is a high-quality cutting mat designed for clean and precise cuts. Its self-healing finish, double-sided design, and compatibility with OLFA rotary tools make it an essential tool in the crafting process. Whether you're working on general projects or require detailed cutting, this sturdy mat will provide a reliable and smooth cutting surface.

This double-sided mat is an essential component of the OLFA cutting system and is meant to be used in conjunction with rotary cutters. It is designed to work seamlessly with OLFA rotary tools to deliver optimal cutting performance.