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Are You In A Bind?

Schoolhouse 2024 with Laurrie, and today she shares her favorite pressing and binding tools that will
revolutionize your quilting projects! 

From mini irons to wool mats and innovative binding tools, join me for an in-depth look at these game-changing accessories.
Discover the mini iron with its own silicone base, perfect for dark fabrics and travel-friendly! Explore the versatile wool pressing mat,
ideal for classes and powerful at home presses. Learn how the clapper tool can help achieve flawlessly flat blocks with ease.
See how heat-resistant thimbles protect your fingers during intricate projects. Master your binding with the Quilted Hearts binding ease and
witness the ease of multi-color binding. Organize your space with stylish quilt binding spools and add a touch of bling to your sewing setup.


  • Quilted Heartz

    Binding Eaze - Peacock


    The most amazing tool to press your binding or bias tape you will ever use! Presses a folded piece of fabric with a super sharp crease easily and q...

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  • Purple Hobbies LLC

    Binding Wheel Ruby # BWRUBY

    Only 4 left!

    Organize your folded binding with the Binding Wheel. Roll your folded binding directly onto the Binding Wheel as you are ironing it. Supports folde...

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