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Sometimes You Just Need To "TUCK IT"!

Schoolhouse 2024 presents Gail as she explores the revolutionary Tucker Trimmer tools by Studio 180 Design, designed
by the renowned Deb Tucker to enhance your quilting accuracy! Whether you're a seasoned quilter or just starting out,
these tools are game-changers in crafting precise and beautiful quilts.

Discover the Tucker Trimmer I, II, and III and their unique capabilities to handle various quilt sizes and patterns.
Gail demonstrates how these tools can simplify your quilting process, focusing on half-square triangles and more with
step-by-step guidance. Gain insights into the comprehensive instructions provided with each tool, including special
tips for left-handed quilters. Learn about the Tucker Trimmer's ability to manage multiple sizes, from half-inch increments
to one-quarter and three-quarter inch increments. With detailed charts and instructions, these tools make it easier than
ever to achieve perfect cuts and precise quilt blocks.


  • Studio 180 Designs

    Tucker Trimmer I - DT03

    Only 14 left!

    The Tucker Trimmer tool was designed to help quilter’s quickly and easily trim down units that are made with triangles: half square triangle square...

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  • Studio 180 Designs

    Tucker Trimmer II

    Only 11 left!

    An “in between” version of the original Tucker Trimmer I tool, this handy ruler allows you to do all of the same functions as the first except that...

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  • Studio 180 Designs

    Tucker Trimmer III

    Only 9 left!

    The third in the Tucker Trimmer series of rulers, this version of our Tucker Trimmer is used for any block or unit that is larger than a 6” finishe...

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  • Studio 180 Designs

    Quilter's Magic Wand - DT04W

    Only 10 left!

    The Quilter’s Magic Wand is an accurate ½” wide ruler with an etched line running down the middle. Use it for marking or measuring when high precis...

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