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It's Easy to Follow The Line

Brenda is thrilled to introduce you to the revolutionary SEWQ Laser Light, her new favorite gadget, and her loyal Sew Steady Table.

Whether you're a quilting expert or just starting out, get ready for an in-depth exploration of how these tools combine to transform your sewing
and quilting endeavors! Discover how the Q Laser Light boosts efficiency and explore 9 techniques from stitching binding together,
machine quilting, hemming consistency and more! 


  • SewQLaser

    Sew Q Laser

    Only 4 left!

    Make sewing seams easier with our alignment laser that is hard mounted to the sewing machine to allow stability so the laser doesn’t move during op...

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  • SewQLaser

    Sew Q Laser Base Kits


    For those with multiple machines the Additional Mounting Base Kit will allow for moving the laser from machine to machine. One Additional Mounting ...

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