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Totally Tubular

Uncover the magic of utilizing strip tubes and the Strip Tube Ruler in this informative tutorial. Discover a clever method for quilt blocks - sewing strips into tubes, cutting them into triangles, and transforming them into squares like magic! Whether you're an experienced quilter or a beginner eager to learn, this video is your go-to guide for mastering this unique quilting technique.

The Strip Tube Ruler is not an ordinary tool; it serves as your ticket to precise and efficient block construction. See how the glow line tape transforms the process by providing clear guidance instantly. This technique is sure to become a fundamental part of your quilting projects!



  • Cozy Quilt Designs

    Strip Tube Ruler # CQD05001

    Only 1 left!

    This ruler makes half square triangles a breeze by combining brilliant engineering with, "the tube technique." It's perfect to use with strips and ...

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  • Cozy Quilt Designs

    Tube Top - SRRTUBE

    Only 12 left!

    A Cozy Strip Club Pattern Designed for 2½" Strips. This pattern is a perfect way to use a jelly roll because it looks good in anything! This great ...

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  • Cozy Quilt Designs

    Strip Tubing # CQD04006

    Only 7 left!

    With the fabulous tube technique described in this book, you can make fun and striking quilts in no time! Sew the strips together into sets, sew th...

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