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Let Us Deal You In

Lisa is excited to provide you with amazing resources that can boost your quilting abilities and spark your creativity.
Whether you prefer reading or hands-on guidance, you can select from Debbie Rogers' innovative skill-building tools to
take your quilting to the next level! 

Explore Debbie Rogers' Quilt Blocks, featuring 110 unique quilt blocks
available in five different sizes. 

1. Quilt Builder Card Decks: Explore how these color-coded cards can 
streamline your quilting process. Witness how they can be mixed and
 matched to create stunning designs!
2. Community Projects: Learn how to utilize these tools in group settings 
such as quilt guilds and their contribution to charitable endeavors.
3. Adaptable Quilt Blocks: Ideal for a variety of projects including tote 
bags, aprons, and framed quilt blocks.
4. Medallion Quilts: Discover the process of starting with a central 
block and expanding your quilt to impressive sizes, suitable
 for baby quilts and more.
5. Simplify Quilting Math: These tools handle all the measurements, 
ensuring a hassle-free quilting experience!