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We are saddened, that due to unforeseen circumstances our travel and retreats have been on hold.

Our first priority is the safety and comfort of our guests. We know that booking a vacation at this time of travel restrictions may make you hesitant. To help relax these concerns and excite you to plan for the future, we have implemented a new worry-free cancellation policy until July 1, 2021. Until then, your deposit is 100% refundable. At that time, the situation will be accessed and you will have the option to continue planning with the plans or not.

When you travel with Lori's Country Cottage you'll travel with confidence, know that your  journey has been meticulously planned. For those that like to arrive early, we plan a special tour prior to embarking on our cruises.

Here are some adventures to look forward to.

Amish Country Retreat

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Quilting cruise

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Lori's retreats and events

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