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Rotary Cutter & Cutting Mat Maintenance

Rotary Cutter & Cutting Mat Maintenance

Watch Lisa do some preventive maintenance on the rotary cutter. With a simple to follow method to take apart your cutter clean and oil the parts for that smooth operation and consistent cutting. Lisa explains how she uses a blade and then uses it for additional crafting ideas while maintaining her quilting rotary cutter for fabrics. Your rotary cutter works amazing well on a cutting mat but their very sharp blades make marks and grooves on the mat that collect fabric threads and lint as well as dirt. Using a quick and easy process follow Lisa as she cleans the lint and then washes her cutting mat. You'll be surprised the visible difference a couple of minutes of cleaning makes. See the new look mat.

This was a video from a customer suggestion. If you have any ideas,  send your suggestions for How To's Day video to Lisa.
One summer the Team at Lori's Country Cottage were challenged to come up with their most useful tools in their quilting repertoire.
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