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How-To Videos

  • Don't Let That Ruler Slip
    April 27, 2021 Lori Bosecke

    Don't Let That Ruler Slip

    How to make your cuts 100% accurate by eliminating the tiny slip of your ruler? Lisa will demonstrate a variety fo ways to prevent the ruler from slipping while cuttng, marking and designing your quilts. You will have a perfect cut!
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  • What's the Point How To's Day
    April 26, 2021 Lori Bosecke

    What's the Point How To's Day

    How Do you choose your needle......that's the point of this How To's Day video with Lisa. Learn how to identify the needle type and size, what does needle packaging mean, and the different types of needle that you will need for your quilting and sewing needs.

    Watch as Lisa explains the proper needle for which type of fabric and what type of thread. Also each needle is used for certain quilting tasks, from top stitching to embroidery or universal applications.

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  • Debra's Favorite Things
    August 11, 2020 Lori Bosecke

    Debra's Favorite Things

    Debra's favorite tools are usually the ones that are used for her latest projects. Debra shares a bit about woven fabrics that make cozy rag quilts and rag quilt snips that make your job of clipping effortless. Babyville snaps and applicator are not only great for diapers, but they work on a multitude of projects. See how you can use one zipper for multiple totes and how to reuse zipper strips with additional zipper pulls. The Sweet Pea pattern is a great little tote that is easy to adjust to create a custom sized tote. Debra makes a tote to have handy to keep her mask clean in her purse.
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  • Barb's Favorite Things
    July 21, 2020 Lori Bosecke

    Barb's Favorite Things

    21 years ago Barb took a photo memory quilt class from Lori. That class sparked a quilting passion in Barb that guided her career from an elementary school teacher to a quilting instructor at Lori's Country Cottage. We are delighted that this career progression involves us. Barb has chosen to share with us her preferred seam rippers, including an electric one, an iron cleaner, the Bohin marking pencil and her favourite tool to protect your hands when rotary cutting.
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