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Lori's Country Cottage is following the AHS Exemptions rule. Everyone entering to work, shop or learn must have 2 doses of a 2 dose series or one of a single does series at least 2 weeks prior to entering or show an original Doctor note if unable to receive vaccine or a paid negative Covid test completed within 72 hours. Social distancing, santitizing and masks are mandatory.
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How To's Day Miyako Bag Handles

How To's Day Miyako Bag Handles

Did you know that you may have a furoshiki? Use a furoshiki with the Miyako Bag Handles to make simple and quick fabric bags. Watch Lisa as see demonstrates how to use a furoshiki and Miyako Handles to make quick colorful multipurpose tote bags. With only one handle, the furoshiki can be reversible and easily interchangeable, but you won't be able to stop at one.

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