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Thread-O-Stat Thread Grabber Dark Lilac Purple # TOO-TOS-DLP

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The Dark Lilac Purple all-metal 6 inch, Thread-O-Stat Thread Grabber has a smooth jaw, so the thread is gripped tightly and securely as you clamp the handles together. Unlike a typical "hemostat" which has a toothed or jagged jaw (preventing a firm grip), the Thread-O-Stat is more like tweezers, only better! You will be able to grab a hold of that little thread as you take the proper steps to remove it and the Thread-O-Stat won't let go! The Thread-O-Stat is also quite helpful for removing paper from the back of your paper-piecing projects, or turning things right side out, whatever you need to grab in a tight spot - an all around handy tool to have in your sewing room!

  • Color: Dark Lilac Purple
  • Made of: Metal
  • Use: Thread Grabber
  • Size: 6in long
  • Included: One Thread Grabber