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Susan's Jewelry Bag How To's Day

Susan's Jewelry Bag How To's Day

Is your Pandora bracelet and other silver jewelry tarnishing in your jewelry box? Barb has the answer! She demonstrates how to make an exclusive 8 pocket jewelry bag lined with Pacific Silvercloth®. This lining is 100% rich brown cotton flannel that is not chemically treated but instead embedded with thousands of fine silver particles. Your sterling silver and silver-plate retain their brilliant lustre when protected by this cotton flannel. Silvercloth® absorbs tarnish producing gases before they reach the silver and protects against dust and scratches and is safe to use with gold, brass, diamonds, and all other precious metals and gems. It is a true tarnish-preventative and lasts indefinitely. Protect any silver product with pouches made from this amazing fabric or just line the storage area.

Click here to purchase Susan's Jewelry Bag pattern.

Click here to purchase the Pacific Silver Cloth.

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