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Susan's Jewelry Bag How To's Day

Susan's Jewelry Bag How To's Day

Protect Your Silver Jewelry with Pacific Silvercloth®! Watch this informative tutorial as Barb unveils the secret to keeping your sterling silver and silver-plate jewelry tarnish-free and gleaming!
In this video, Barb demonstrates a step-by-step guide on creating an exquisite 8 pocket jewelry bag lined with the revolutionary Pacific Silvercloth®. This remarkable lining, made of 100% rich brown cotton flannel, is embedded with thousands of fine silver particles, making it a true tarnish-preventative that works wonders for your precious metals and gems.
Not chemically treated, Silvercloth® absorbs tarnish-producing gases before they reach your jewelry, safeguarding against dust and scratches. Its protective embrace extends to gold, brass, diamonds, and all other precious metals, ensuring their brilliance lasts indefinitely. Whether you have a cherished Pandora bracelet, heirloom silver pieces, or sentimental silver-plated items, this fabric is your ultimate defense.


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