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Lori's Country Cottage is following the AHS Exemptions rule. Everyone entering to work, shop or learn after September 20 will need to show proof of vaccination - single dose 2 weeks prior to date of entry, double vaccination or a negative Covid test completed within 72 hours.
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Pin Cup Large Lilac - PUHPCLRG-LIL

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Magnetic Pin Cups hold your pins point down so you don't get poked trying to pick one up while sewing. It comes with a removable case for safe storage while traveling to class (or to keep curious pets out!) and holds up to 100 pins. Includes Magnetic Pin Cup, Case and Lid. To Use: Load pins point down and the magnet will hold them in place. Pins stay standing up so it's easy to grab one while you're sewing without fear of being pricked. Magnetic Pin Cups are 3D printed using PLA which is biodegradable with commercial composting.