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Celestial by Zen Chic

Let’s take a light, airy walk through the clouds with the harmonious analog classic color scheme of Celestial. Tans, white, silver, light, and medium greys and charcoal offer a neutral and yet dynamic color base with the promise of versatility for so many inspired sewing creations. Add a little bit of maize as a warm primary accent, and bring things to life with shades of rose and coral. Last, but certainly not least, a little bit of aqua and mustard bring simply captivating accentuating touches to this collection. 

The fabric prints in Celestial are true to Zen Chic’s signature Scandanavian minimalist style with an interplay of modern and classic using mixed media elements as seen in the collage motif of the main prints. The textures of letters and stamps overlay shapes and colors that give an overall feeling of contemporary modern with a minimalist and elegant feel.

 With its modern, classic, and versatile design Celestial will appeal to a more sophisticated style as well as a younger audience.