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How-To Videos

  • Binding A Quilt
    February 16, 2021 Lori Bosecke

    Binding A Quilt

    Binding a quilt to finish and complete your work of art. Lisa explains how to use simple math to determine fabric sizing and then shows us how to bind the quilt in a seamless method. Learn how to make the ends meet perfectly and lie flat around the border of your quilt. This is a basic binding approach with Hand Stitching demo to follow next How To's Day.
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  • Self-Bound Baby Quilt
    February 9, 2021 Lori Bosecke

    Self-Bound Baby Quilt

    The Self Bound Baby Quilt is a fun and easy project to make for that new grandchild, family member or friends new baby. Makes a great baby shower gift. Your choices of fabrics make for a soft and colourful quilt. Choose Shannon's Embrace Gauze with Cuddle or a cuddle with a flannel or flannel on flannel, you have endless choices. Vist the store or online to select the fabrics you want.
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  • Free Motion Quilting
    February 2, 2021 Lori Bosecke

    Free Motion Quilting

    Free Motion Quilitng presented by Lisa on the art and the skill of Free Motion Quilting. Learn about the techniques to start and the practice required to become proficient at Free Motion Quilting. This skill is easy to learn and various tools make it easy to do and allow you to become comfortable and with practice very good at this skill. Your quilts will have that extra personnal touch.
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  • Quilt Labels
    January 26, 2021 Lori Bosecke

    Quilt Labels

    Quilt Labels - label your quilts with information so that in the future people who have the quilt or want some information can look at the label to see the date it was made, the original recipient, how it was made and the story behind the quilt.
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