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How To's Day - Midi Bag

How To's Day - Midi Bag

Welcome to the Quilt Smart world of interfacing bags! In this video, you'll discover a game-changing technique for piecing quilted bags using a printed interfacing. Gone are the days of struggling to achieve accurate piecing; the interfacing creates a piecing template and stays in the quilt for added strength and stability. Whether you're a seasoned quilter or a beginner, this innovative approach is sure to impress.

Join Lisa as she demonstrates how effortlessly the interfacing method brings life to accurate and visually stunning quilted bags. You won't need any quilting experience to follow along and create beautiful bags that perfectly match your mood or outfits. So, let's get quilting the Quilt Smart way! Create the Mondo, Midi or Bitty Bag with Quilt Smart Designs and techniques.

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