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Lori's Country Cottage is following the AHS Exemptions rule. Everyone entering to work, shop or learn will need to show proof of vaccination - single dose 2 weeks prior to date of entry, double vaccination or a negative Covid test completed within 72 hours. As of October 25, everyone must have 2 doses of a 2 dose series or one of a single dose of a single dose series at least 2 weeks prior to entering or show original Dr note if unable to receive vaccine.
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Hobby Holster - Lilac

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Create a safe and organized crafting area with the Hobby Holster - a heat resistant, silicone holder for glue guns and other crafting supplies. Made of silicone, the Hobby Holster has a divided pocket for holding various tools, and a flap that grips to smooth, household surfaces. The flap also has a convenient built in ruler and doubles as a work mat. Unlike pie tins or paper plates that accumulate mounds of dried glue - once glue dries on the Hobby Holster is simply peels right off. The Hobby Holsters patented design allows it to cling to any smooth, non-porous surface. Heat resistant up to 400 F - it safely holds hot crafting tools. No suction cups, adhesives, or sticky residue. Works great on smooth wood tables or desks, granite, marble, laminate, glass, and more. Keeps craft area safe and organized. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.