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2022 Fall Classes

An excellent selection of classes await your perusal! Classes are scheduled for instore (in person), some online on Zoom and some are scheduled for both. Whether your class is instore or Zoom, the first class will be held instore. This is often a shorter class with time allotted to purchase your supplies and discuss any special project instructions or material requirements. You will receive 20% discount on your supplies on that first night. Please refer to the instructors guidelines in your reminder email, as to which or if any tools are required the first night. Special plans can be made if you are taking a Zoom class if you are unable to come to the store. Please let your instructor know when you receive your class reminder. Whether you prefer to work from the comfort of your sewing room or be emersed in the creative comradery of an instore class, be sure to register for the format that works for you! Enjoy!